Look at your relationships. Your spouse, friends, family, kids, or boss. How do they treat you?

Think about conversations you have with them, how they speak to you, and the tone of their voices. Look at their actions. Are they full of rage, anger, or frustration or are they loving and compassionate?

You want to be treated better, and yet you might not be sure what you can do about it. Can you do something about it? After all, you can’t control other people, and that’s how they have always been.

The snide, disrespectful remark. The snippy attitude. The roll of the eyes. The belittling. The words of “I love you” and actions not matching. The yelling, fighting, or disagreements. The nagging. The micromanaging. The undermining.

People treat you the way you allow them to treat you. They will treat you the same way until you put a stop to it. Until you stand up for yourself. Until you stand in your power. SHARE THIS!

They might have issues they haven’t dealt with. Those are their issues to deal with and not use you as a bunching bag in the process. Or they may be under stress. It doesn’t mean they can talk to you in any way they want.

There is no reason you need to put up with someone else’s stuff. They don’t need to take it out on you, yet you’re allowing them to do it. Nothing will change until you change it. Nothing will change until you believe you are worthy of change. Until you know you deserve more. And you do. TWEET THIS!

You deserve more. You deserve to be respected, but first you have to respect yourself. You deserve to be talked to in a polite manner, but first you have to talk to yourself in a polite manner. You deserve to be loved for you, but first you have to love yourself. Until you do, you’ll be looking for validation, praise, and love in all the wrong places (as I break into the song, “Looking for love in all the wrong places. Looking for love in too many faces.” I digress).

It’s time you stand up for yourself. It’s time you stand in your power.You incredible, unique, brilliant power! The power that says, “YES, I AM worthy of being treated with respect. I am worthy of being cherished. I am worthy of being loved for me. I am worthy of that and so much more.”

Until you believe it. Until you know it. Until you proclaim it to the world, the people in your life will continue to treat you the exact way they’ve always treated you, because you’re allowing them to do so. TWEET THIS!

Uplevel your thoughts. Uplevel how you treat yourself. Uplevel the people around you. Uplevel your conversations.

Take a stand. For your mind. For your spirit. For your power. For yourself. And you’ll never put up with that bull again, because you’ll know without a doubt being treated less than spectacular is far less than you deserve. You are worth more than that. Take a stand for you!

In the comments below, share with me…How are you standing in your power?


Jessica Rector’s mission is simple: transform the lives of men. As someone who attempted suicide at 17-years-old, had a lot of self-judgement around being a single parent, and has a brother who committed suicide, Jessica knows challenges, issues, and pain. She knows personally how shame can manifest in parenting, relationships, leading, working, and living. Through her own experiences, research, and strategies, she now helps men walk through the process to free themselves from their inner struggles. As a thought leader, keynote speaker, and author of two books, Jessica is able to help men become who they are while stepping into their power by becoming a better badass version of themselves. Get Jessica’s soon to be released third book, Breaking the Silence: Taking the Sh out of Shame and connect with her through her Facebook Group at ThisManThing.com. Connect with her and join her tribe for men at THIS MAN THING FACEBOOK GROUP.