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Courage Under Fire

Confidence is hot. It’s sexy. Every man should want more confidence. In fact, most men least one area of his life. Confidence to approach a woman. Confidence to step into a gym. Confidence to stand up for himself. Confidence to grow a beard. Confidence to just...

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Order of Man

Have you ever felt insecure or unsure? Our special guest, Ryan Michler founder of Order of Man, didn't have a male role model growing up. He felt that led to some insecurities when he was younger. Now he wants to change that for other men and kids. So men can show up...

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Wanting More For Yourself and How to Get It

Have you become the person who others wanted you to be or did you fight for who you are? Our special guest, Ken Cheadle, fought for who he is and shares with us his transition from growing up in Section 8 housing, being in jail, and dealing with his parents' passing...

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Develop Your Mindset For Success

How are you showing up? Are you pretending to be someone you aren't? You're not your job title. Stop being in a marriage that drags you down. Stop working at a job you hate thinking it'll change. Before you can have that deep seeded confidence, love, or dream, you...

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How to Have Killer Confidence

Women love confidence. People like to do business, hang around with, and hire others who are confident. If you're like most men, you want more confidence in at least one area of your life, and you've come to the exact right place for it. Our podcast guest, Kevin Wall,...

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