For most of us, rejection is scary. We don’t like how it feels to be rejected. So we’ll do just about anything to not feel that way including not doing what we need to do in order to get what we want. If you want more clients, you won’t cold call (for fear of rejection) even though it can lead you to more clients.

If you want a more balanced life, you won’t stop working at 5, scared you’ll get reprimanded by your boss. If you want to meet your goals, you won’t ask for the sale, even though it will move you one step closer to your goals.

Rejection keeps holds you back…in big ways. Instead of being scared of hearing a “No,” embrace it. Yes, embrace it. Referrals are opportunities.

1. The more “No’s” you get, the closer you’re getting to a “Yes.” It’s a numbers game. Take on the attitude of “Yes, I love getting No’s,” because then they won’t be so daunting.
2. Lean into the rejection. Ask more probing questions to find out why they are saying no. Is it timing? Are you not filling their needs? What are their needs? Do they not see the value in your offering? Find out their biggest challenge and how you’re filling it.
3. If it’s not a good fit for them right now, it doesn’t mean it will never be a good fit. Get to know them. Keep in touch, and build a relationship. The more you are top of mind, the better. When they do need what you have, they will remember you.
4. Ask for a referral. “Who do you know that might need ____________” or “Who do you know that is in the market for _______________?”
5. The more you get rejected, the better you get at it. Don’t take it personally. It’s not about you, so don’t attach yourself to it. It’s about them. What they want. What they need. What they value. What they are in the market for now. People do business with those they know, like, and trust. Through a rejection, you can become someone they know, like and trust by the way you handled the rejection. “When you are in the market for/are looking for ________, please keep me in mind/I’d appreciate your keeping me in mind.”

Rejection is a great learning tool. The more you take advantage of it, the better you get. You’ll also increase your confidence by asking the right questions, getting referrals, and not attaching the emotions (why did they say no to me, what’s wrong with me, why don’t they want to buy from me) to the rejection.

Welcome rejection. After all, the more you get rejected, the more it will stop holding you back and you’ll obtain your goals, get more clients, and have a better balanced life.

Don’t let rejection stop you from getting what you want.

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Jessica Rector’s mission is simple: transform the lives of men. As someone who attempted suicide at 17-years-old, had a lot of self-judgement around being a single parent, and has a brother who committed suicide, Jessica knows challenges, issues, and pain. She knows personally how shame can manifest in parenting, relationships, leading, working, and living. Through her own experiences, research, and strategies, she now helps men walk through the process to free themselves from their inner struggles. As a thought leader, keynote speaker, and author of two books, Jessica is able to help men become who they are while stepping into their power by becoming a better badass version of themselves. Get Jessica’s soon to be released third book, Breaking the Silence: Taking the Sh out of Shame and follow her on Facebook by CLICKING HERE. Connect with her and join her tribe for men at THIS MAN THING FACEBOOK GROUP.


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