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breaking the silence

Do you have stress? Stress that might keep you in limbo (not making a decision), feeling stuck, or unhappy.

Have you lost your mojo? You don’t have the same sex drive or confidence. You have self-doubt and questioning yourself in other areas too.

Are you struggling? The struggle may keep you up at night or lead to more drinking (drugs, gambling, work or skirt chasing), depression, or anxiety.

Do you have fears? They can be small, debilitating, or anywhere in between.

You’re not alone. You’re in the right place. These same things affect most men in their lives, and they are suffering in silence.

You’ve reached a certain level of success in your life…career, family, lifestyle. Yet something is still missing. You’re not happy. Everything on the outside looks great, but inside tells a different story. You feel the pressure and the stress of life. You’ve lost yourself somewhere along the way.

You may not know where or how to get help. As a man, you’re taught not to ask for help or that asking for help is a sign of weakness. After all, as a man you should be able to fix things on your own, right?!

WRONG! You’re human, and you need help just like everyone. You didn’t build your career on your own. You didn’t excel in school, sports, or academics on your own. You had help, whether it was a teacher, coach, boss, peer, parent, tutor, or friend. NO ONE makes it in life on his own.

If you’re ready to move to the next level, you’re in the right place. You can’t do life on your own…and you shouldn’t have to.

And now you don’t!

That’s where I come in. You may be thinking, How is a woman going to help a man with these things? Wouldn’t a man better be able to identify with me?

breaking the silence“Where to start with Jessica… ‘Wow’ is a good place to start. When I first started working with Jessica I was not in a good place. In fact, I was ready to throw in the towel on my business from a few years of frustration and call it a day. I was bitter and fed up. When I hired Jessica as a coach, it was a bit of a last ditch effort before I officially closed up shop. Here’s what true: After about 3 weeks of working with Jessica she was able to hone in on the one thing that was preventing me from moving forward not just in my business but life in general. She didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear. She told me the hard truth I needed to hear. The impact? A two month turn around and a successful realignment of my business. She helped make an important shift that turned into 5 figures of income launching a completely new business. If you’re ready to do the real work, look no further than Jessica. She comes from a place of love and integrity and was able to help me turn things around in a very short span of time. Thank you, Jessica.” -Michael Cinquino, photographer

breaking the silenceMy brother was just like you…He was a successful oil and gas company executive. He made lots of money, had multiple house, cars, toys, and gadgets. He was married with two step-kids, and from the outside everything looked great. Yet on the inside he was struggling. He had the inner conflict, and this inner conflict led to suicide.

After the initial shock wore off, I dug in. I had already done a lot of work around my own shame, fears, and authenticity, and I had coached hundreds of people over the past several years on these too. Now, I wanted to understand why someone who looked like they had it all was so miserable. I also knew if this could happen to my charming, likable brother then it could happen to anyone. I read anything I could get my hands on. The more I researched about men them, the more I recognized the need to help men and how little is being done to do it. So, I talked with hundreds of men and mentored them with their challenges, frustrations, and struggles, and they have shared their hurt, pain, stress, and suffering.

Here are the commonalities I found.

1. Most men don’t have deep connections with other men.

In fact, they don’t have many close friends. And if they do, they don’t talk about their real issues. The more successful a man is, the more alone he feels. These men share with me their desire to have close friends, and at their core, they want a community of men who support and encourage them.

Men are tired of hanging around guys who never change. You know the ones…who are content with being content and are okay with not growing, wanting more, or being better. Men want to be able to be themselves and know they’ll be accepted for themselves.

Men wonder where are all the good men…for them to connect with. They crave other male, like minded close friends.

2. Men want help.

They recognize they need help, but they they are afraid to ask for help and never know where to get help. Society and parents teach boys not to show emotions…don’t cry, be tough and strong.

So boys push down their emotions. As this compacts for 10, 20, or 30 years, these boys, who are now men, do whatever it takes to not feel…their goal is to numb themselves whether they choose alcohol, drugs, girls, gambling, dangerous activities, or become workaholics. In essence, although they want and need an outlet, they don’t have one, so they become ticking time bombs.

Maybe you’ve even tried to talk to a friend or a spouse about what you’re going through, and you were shot down or misunderstood. Either way, you weren’t met with compassion and empathy, so you know never to do that again which just enables you to keep pushing down your emotions.

3. Men are tired of trying to fit into a status quo.

Men want to be able to feel and express their emotions without being thrown into shame, told to “man up”, or called a wuss or worse. You’re made to feel being vulnerable is weakness or that you’re less of a man. You want to be who they really are and not who others think you should be. You’re tired of trying to live up to others’ expectations at the detriment of your own happiness and fulfillment. You’re ready to be authentic, listen to your heart, and be your true self, which brings me to #4.

4. Most men don’t know who they are.

You aren’t taught about self-identity, balance, or self-care. You have no idea who you are outside of work and your roles. In fact, you might not even know what that means, because you were taught to provide and protect. So, you work to provide for yourself and your family. You protect them with everything you’ve got, and then you work some more. You don’t have the time or energy to focus on yourself, because you’re spending it all on others. Yet you want a healthy balance, get back to what you as a person and man loves, and take some time to relax and replenish with what fuels and feeds you.

But you don’t know how to do it.

You’ve gotten to the point that you just can’t do it anymore by yourself. You don’t want to do it anymore. You’re sick and tired of not being happy, because you deserve to be happy. You’re ready to figure out what’s holding you back, reduce your stress, pressure, or anxiety, and break through to your next level.

You’re ready for more freedom, confidence, and success. You’re ready to go bolder, think bigger, and be a better version of yourself. You’re ready to be authentically you and feel like a champion again (like the Rocky kind of champion not the fake kind you’ve been pretending to be).

breaking the silence“Jessica Rector is marvelous. Her personal story about her brother’s suicide serves as the catalyst that made her recognize a need for men to talk about men issues with men – free of judgment and condemnation. Additionally, it serves as the fuel for her passion, caring, and sincerity in serving men to be their very best, and it shows in everything she does. She has created an amazingly open and safe dialogue for men to communicate with other men … and, in short period of time, she has impacted my life for the better, especially with owning my power as well as my fears. I look forward to my continued relationship with Jessica.” – Creighton Wong

What makes me different?

  1. I’ve been told I’m equal parts feminine and masculine energy. What the heck does that mean? That means I can sit down and have a drink with you and your buddies and chat the night away as “one of the guys.” In fact, the group I hung out with throughout my college years was guys. I’m direct, action oriented, and cut to the chase kind of person. On the other hand, you’ll also be met with compassion, understanding, and empathy.
  2. I immediately create a safe place for you to be you.  It’s a completely judgment free zone. In fact, my clients feel so comfortable with me, they quickly open up to me about things they haven’t shared with anyone or things they’ve been trying to ignore for years.
  3. I help you figure out how you’ve come to be. I help you find the destructive patterns in your life, so you don’t keep repeating them. I guide you through the strategies to walk through them, so you know what to do (and not stay stuck), when they come up again, because they will come up again. Many others in my field don’t ever address this. However, I believe when these issues and patterns are not address, you’ll keep repeating patterns you don’t know exist, in the future. I help you stop these sabotaging thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, and words.
  4. I’m a female  (I know, duh). I say this because you have females in your life, whether it’s your spouse, mom, children, sister, friends, co-workers, or peers. I bring a different, much needed perspective to help you better communicate with, understand, and love the women in your life. Since I am direct, I have had to learn how to tailor and tweak my language when speaking to most women. I can teach you to do the same in order to get what you want most and so where what you say is received the way it’s intended.
  5. And no other woman has boldly proclaimed, “I am focusing solely on transforming the lives of men”….until now!

You’re ready to take the next step, because you’re ready to say YES to you…

breaking the silenceNot yes to how you’ve been living but YES to how you want to be living.

Are you ready to…???

  • Find out what’s really holding you back
  • Break through professional and personal blocks
  • Tackle pressure, stress, and struggles
  • Strategize to find your purpose or what’s next for you
  • Move to the next level in your life

If you said, “Yes” to any of the above, then I’d love to talk with you to see how I can help.

I only take a small number of clients at once to ensure each client is getting my full attention. I am extremely selective with the men I work with. I work with men who are ready to be stand in their power, courageous to play a bigger game, and willing to take massive action to get the results they desire.

breaking the silence
“Jessica has helped me build confidence and relationships better than before. I highly recommend her if you need guidance about personal development. Her professionalism and listening abilities are AMAZING.”
– Nick Mann


If you’re ready to stop making excuses, and start creating a life of more freedom, more confidence, and more success, then sign up for a consultation with Jessica today.
er game, and willing to take massive action to get the results they desire.