Our mission at THIS MAN THING is to inspire, empower, and transform the lives of millions of men.

We know there are real issues affecting men. We don’t believe you must adhere to the status quo or other people’s expectations. We believe in you being your true self, whatever that looks like for you. We do not subscribe to the notion that one type of man makes a real man, but yet every man is amazing just for being himself.

We are a tribe…your tribe… dedicated to growing ourselves, committed to standing in our power and inspired to play a bigger game. We’re ready to break through our blocks to our greater potential.

From our interactive Facebook group to our programs and podcast, we provide systems, processes, and training to help men be better versions of themselves and live extraordinary lives.



Jeff would enter a room, and all eyes would immediately be on him. Not because he was the smartest guy in breaking the silencethe room, even though he probably was, or because he had a fancy job title and clothes, or bigger than life confidence, but because he walked around with a smile on a face and just had that “it” factor. You know, the kind of guy you just immediately like and admire…and maybe even want to be. He’d do anything for anyone and never met a stranger. That was Jeff.

A week after Jeff turned 40…he killed himself. Jeff, was my brother.

Jeff is why I started THIS MAN THING.

breaking the silenceI’m Jessica Rector, and what I found is that men need better support to be themselves. Just because everything on the outside looks great doesn’t mean it is on the inside. As someone who attempted suicide at 17-years-old and who was a single mom at 38, I also know how it feels to live in pain. I woke up one day when my business coach told me to write about shame. I then realized I had been engulfed in shame not knowing how or where to get help.

I started speaking to thousands about releasing their shame, being their true selves, and creating a solid foundation for success, purpose, and fulfillment. I even created a system to help people walk through their shame to freedom , peace, and liberation and share it with you in my third book, Breaking the Silence: Taking the Sh Out of Shame.

When my brother passed away, I looked into the real issues affecting men and decided to do something to help men just like you. Because maybe, just maybe, if my brother had a safe place where he could be himself, share with others about what was going on, or get strategies to help him through it, things would’ve turned out differently. So whether you are here because you are suffering, in pain, or stressed or whether you’re here to improve yourself, uplevel your life, or reach another level of success, I’m here to help you. And gosh darn it, we need more things supporting men and boys. You’re accepted, appreciated, and loved just for being you.

THIS MAN THING is for every man who wants to be free to be himself…and in the process step into a bigger, bolder, badass better version of himself.

Welcome to a truer version of you. Welcome to the movement. Welcome to THIS MAN THING!

It’s a pleasure to have you here,
breaking the silence